• The Kuch Karo Project was founded out of a desire to create change.


    In 2014, the UNDP issued a report that only 1.5% of the Indian population volunteers on a regular basis. Inspired by the millennial generation in India, especially their open-mindedness and sense of civic duty, we believe we can change that number.


    The aim of our program is to create a new culture of volunteerism.


    We target college students in areas with low involvement in programs like NSS. These programs have low enrollment for one of three major reasons: first, students in the academically competitive environment in India prioritize studying over other extra-curricular activities; second, they do not feel as though their volunteering truly makes a difference; and third, their parents do not approve of their devoting so much time to an activity that doesn’t seem beneficial. We want to show these students that taking the time to volunteer is beneficial not only those in need, but also themselves.


    We create volunteering events for students.


    But, we want to make participation easy. We provide these students with experiences that are low in time and travel commitments. We want each student that is even remotely interested in the idea of volunteering to be able to try it for themselves.


    The KKP connects students with local NGOs.


    The KKP works through universities, where we make an initial presentation all about volunteering, and create a database of interested students. We only ask that they participate in one event over the course of a semester. We then partner with NGOs near the college and set up events on the weekends for students to attend. We work closely with liaisons from the student body to tailor the program to their classmates’ needs and preferences based on their feedback.


    We want to make volunteering something students want to do.


    We hope that our exposure programs will make even a small percentage of students realize how much they enjoy giving back to their communities, and provide them with the desire and resources to keep volunteering.


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