• Colleges

    Institutions in and around Mumbai that we work with.

    SIES (Nerul) College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Navi Mumbai

    SIES (Nerul) is a college in Navi Mumbai. We work with their First and Second Year Bachelors of Commerce students. Learn more about SIES at http://www.siesascn.edu.in/.

    Whistling Woods International, Institute of Film, Communication, and Media Arts, Film City, Goregaon (E).

    Whistling Woods International is a film school in Film City, founded by Subhash Ghai. Their students study all aspects of filmmaking, from the creative process of story writing to the business side of production.

  • NGOs

    Check out the amazing work our partners do every day!

    LEAD Foundation, Navi Mumbai

    The Lead Foundation provides a community for the children of laborers and slum-dwellers. Their mission is to inspire these children to dream big, and achieve those dreams, though giving them quality education via volunteer tutoring and mentorship. LEAD has two centers in Navi Mumbai. Learn more about LEAD, what they do, and how you can get involved at http://www.lead-foundation.org/.

    Desire Society, Goregaon (W), Mumbai

    Desire Society is a full service orphanage for children that are HIV-positive. Many of these children have been orphaned due to HIV and its complications. The center provides them with the proper nutrition, taking extra care to include calcium and protein that they need; schooling, with volunteer tutors who supplement their municipal education; and advocacy, by trying to reduce the stigma around their conditions and place them in jobs once they reach adulthood, so that they can support themselves and reach their potential, as every child has a right to. Read and learn more about Desire Society at http://www.desiresociety.org/

    Animals Matter To Me, Malad (W), Mumbai

    Animals Matter To Me (AMTM) is an organization that provides services to stray animals around Mumbai. They work with all types of animals: dogs, cats, and birds being their primary areas of focus. The aims of the organization are first and foremost to care for as many animals without homes as they can, to give these innocent lives the safety and security they deserve. However, AMTM is also focused on creating compassion for these animals in the public at large: they advocate for animals' rights, against animal abuse, and work to raise awareness facing the city's strays.


    Learn more about AMTM at: http://www.amtmindia.org/

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