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  • What is volunteering? Do you get paid? Why would you volunteer? What’s in it for me? These are the questions many young people ask when they are first presented the idea of volunteering. At The Kuch Karo Project, these are questions we ourselves faced when we made our own forays into volunteering. And eventually, we all came to the same realization. We all had a moment when we realized that helping others is too special to be evaluated by what compensation we received. It might have been a smile from a child with Cerebral Palsy, or it might have been hearing that they want you back the next day, but we all had a moment. The Kuch Karo Project’s aim is to give all of our volunteers that moment: the moment when volunteering changes from something that you have to do into something that you want to do.


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    Anuttara Pandit

    I couldn't have asked for a better Saturday! Few hours spent at the Desire Society was something that I won't be able to forget. Spending time with the children out there was surreal-- I loved seeing them happily dance , paint and play games. And I am waiting to go there again!

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