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SIES College, Nerul x MGM Hospital

A few weeks ago, our students helped to organize and attended a workshop session on depression at Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Hospital in Vashi, Navi Mumbai. While there, they were able to not only interact with panelists and share their own experiences of depression, but also to learn about the disease, and its psychological implications. Our volunteers were also taught how to spot the signs and help anyone they know with depression. We are confident that they will take what they have learned and been a part of during this workshop into their daily lives!Add paragraph text here.

Here are wonderful reflections from our volunteers who attended this workshop:


"Depression has become a common problem in today’s world, so I was privileged to attend this session. The speeches were varied and interesting, coming from medical, yogic and even comedic backgrounds, which gave us a range of perspectives with which to deal with depression that we experience in ourselves, but also in others. Of particular interest to me was that the doctors gave us specific strategies to identify depression in others, as well as the red flags of suicide. We also learned personal stress reduction techniques from the yoga instructor, as well as a comedic view on how to make ourselves happy. I enjoyed the session to the fullest; it was full of knowledge, guidance and fun!” - Priya K.


“The topic of depression is highly relevant to our generation, because we get depressed and end up living with sometimes for years without recognizing what it is. We learned tips to avoid depression and bring more happiness in our lives. I laughed a lot in the session, and I felt the session gave us the confidence to live my life, and help others live their lives, while taking all of the challenges we face as opportunities.” - Priya G.

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