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October 8, 2016: SIES Nerul x LEAD Foundation

Seven student volunteers from SIES Nerul’s BCOM program, both first and second years, spent the day with children at the LEAD Foundation’s center in Airoli, Navi Mumbai.

We arrived at the center together, and were quickly introduced to the children, who ranged from ages 11-16. We played some introductory ice-breaker games to get both the children and our volunteers comfortable in the situation. These games included a name game, to learn each other’s names, as well as pass the parcel, where everyone got to showcase their talents. The children and the volunteers formed bonds very quickly, as we laughed, sang and danced together.

After these games, we taught the children some games they didn’t know, including Jenga. They loved the game, and built structures with the blocks even after we stopped playing.

This is when we split off into smaller groups: some played games, and others answered the children’s academic questions, including questions about Neuroscience and the brain. The volunteers and the children shared their personal stories, as well as laughing and playing together.

Finally, we got to our most important part of the day: the volunteers and children sat in a circle and discussed their dreams. Each child has a dream career, a high ambition and goals they want to attain. We wanted our volunteers to share with the children their stories of their dreams and how they have gone about achieving them. We wanted our volunteers to make the children feel hopeful and motivated to go after their dreams. Because we got to know and create an equal relationship with each child, the children were comfortable enough to share their desires and dreams with us. We were there to encourage them to go after those dreams, but more importantly, turn those dreams into goals.

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