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July 2, 2017: SIES College, Nerul x LEAD Foundation

Our volunteers from SIES College, Nerul restarted their sessions at the LEAD Foundation on July 2, 2017. We had five volunteers go the the NGO’s center in Airoli to help out from 10 AM to 12:30 PM with the following activities: played introductory games, ate snacks, recited poems, and did dancing, singing and even karate. All of the volunteers, as well as the children at LEAD said they had a wonderful time.

The volunteers wrote reflections on their experiences at this session. Here they are:


My experience at the Lead Foundation was indeed mesmerizing. I went there thinking ways to entertain the kids, but it was the other way around. The kids cracked jokes. Each one of them had a skill to display. And I found out how truly bright they are. We started with a game of introduction to each one's dream in life; all of them have the most unique dreams. Then, we shared eateries. Afterwards, we danced to the tunes of joy and learned some Karate self defense techniques. Lastly, we bid farewell by hugging each other and taking a group photo. This day with the Lead Foundation was well spent! With this experience, I simply learned the joy in little things! The wide smile on the little faces have lit a light inside my heart. I shall always strive to bring smile to the little faces.


I have never had such experience before. I really had a great time with the kids at the LEAD Foundation. These kids are so smart and talented, and I realized that the need proper guidance and motivation from NGOs and volunteers like us. I will surely try to meet those kids frequently and give my best to encourage and inspire them . Thanks for providing such an opportunity to me.


It was a wonderful experience, spending time with these kids and getting to know them was inspiring. They know how to make most out of what is given to them and how to be so joyous all the time. Plus, the dedication they show to the studies is something I can only aspire to. It really makes you wonder of how much they could thrive given the right path. Spending the day with them only made me eager to come back again.


Experience is the teacher of all things as it helps us to learn the reality of life. When you spend time with kids, you try to find yourself. My experience this week at The Lead Foundation was very awesome. I felt very happy when kids impressed me and my co-volunteers by dancing singing, reciting poems and doing karate.I truly believe that we must always try to help others and at the same time, motivate others to do it, too.


I've been volunteering at the LEAD Foundation for almost a year, and I'm having a great time with these children. This time, when I went to LEAD it was really good to know that the students easily mixed with our volunteers. We helped them with their studies and had a talk with most of them. They are very talented: some of of them sing songs, dance, etc. I'm glad that I can spend time and have fun with them, as it helps me to know more about them.

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