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Christmas with The Kuch Karo Project!

A wonderful and inspiring Christmas day!

This Christmas Day, December 15, 2017, The Kuch Karo Project was lucky enough to spend it working with the Lead Foundation. Three of our wonderful volunteers spent time with the children at the Lead Foundation as well as the at the Adharwad Old Age Home (please visit their website here).

Here is a beautiful reflection from one of our very dedicated and passionate organizers, Nitin and Priya:

From Nitin N.: Christmas is an fun filled, exciting day this year! Celebrating the same at the Lead Foundation was something more. This Christmas, we celebrated with the wise elderly people and cheerful children. We danced to the Christmas Carols and shared our Christmas stories. The children with the little red caps and a wide smile on their faces made the Christmas the best. Further we also visited the old age home. We encouraged them to show their dance moves and managed to bring the childhood laughter back on their their faces! At one point the one of the elderly woman was so happy that she kissed one of the volunteers with glee! And it was a kiss on both cheeks. We hugged them back to show our love. Finally, we shared gifts to the little bundles of joy! The Kuch Karo Project is only the an inspiration for volunteers, but also a reason for the smile on the little and wrinkled faces alike!

From Priya K.: Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity! We felt so blessed today and it was the best Christmas celebration. Today, we visited an old age home near by Lead Foundation. They where very much happy that we all visited them and Jyoti Ma'am suggested that we can even go over to the old age home and spend time with the elderly.

Photos from LEAD Foundation:

Photos from Adharwad Old Age Home:

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